Turbotax Canada

The Turbotax Canada is best tax preparation software that helps taxpayers prepare taxes with the experts guidance. It is most demanded software among taxpayers in Canada. Besides, it provides different tax tools and services to prepare tax returns timely and with accurate calculations. You will get higher refund amount on the tax returns you file.

Where to get activation code?

You can get activation code easily for Turbotax Canada activation. Refer to following points to know location of your activation code-

  • If you bought TurboTax Download from retailer- Search the code in box.
  • If you purchased TurboTax CD from retailer- See it inside the box.
  • In case you bought TurboTax Download from official website then license code is in order history or sent via email.
  • For turbotax CD purchase from official website, see on packing slip.
  • For TurboTax Advantage customers who purchased TurboTax Download, can find license code in email or in Downloads folder.
  • Get activation code on Sleeve, when bought turbotax CD from TurboTax Advantage.

How to download & install turbotax Canada?

Follow the following instructions for turbotax download with code products-

  1. Head on to turbotax website.
  2. Then tap “Access to Downloads” on the upcoming screen.
  3. Now, use credentials & login your account.
  4. Select any turbotax Canada product to purchase it.
  5. Download the file & Save it.
  6. Double-click the file now.
  7. This launches an installer.

How to activate turbotax software?

  1. An installer launches & installs turbotax Canada software.
  2. Then an activation screen called ‘Your product is installed, now let’s activate it’ loads.
  3. Here, enter license code in the box. Eventually, tap ‘Continue’.

What do Turbotax Canada offers?

We have mentioned following services that turbotax offers-

  • Helps to e-file federal & state tax returns
  • Provides Audit support.
  • Accuracy on tax calculations on tax returns, using tax tools.
  • Offers Live Assissted & Live Full Service to help you sort out challenges.
  • Notice amount of each tax deduction & credit.
  • Saves time by importing previous year returns.
  • Experts review tax return.
  • Refunds of higher amount are given.